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Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future

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A popular idea within the scientific community is that what happens in the present moment is the result of a chain of causes and effects. This deeply ingrained idea is what prompted scientists to come up with the ‘Big Bang’ theory — the idea… Continue Reading “Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future”

Determinism and the Nature of God (video)

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Welcome to this week’s episode of my Deep Thoughts About God series. In today’s video, we’ll look briefly at a few of the different types of determinism, considering whether the events that we experience in the present moment can be attributed to a series… Continue Reading “Determinism and the Nature of God (video)”

Molinism Refuted

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A theological position that has risen to prominence in recent years is that of Molinism. Getting its name from the 16th century Jesuit theologian Luis de Molina, but brought to prominence in our time by the American debater Dr William Lane Craig, the position… Continue Reading “Molinism Refuted”

The Theory of Atoms

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Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post, in which we’ll be taking a brief look at one of the ancient Greek ‘atomist’ philosophers, a man named Democritus. We’re actually jumping back in time a little, as Democritus is a presocratic thinker, but it makes… Continue Reading “The Theory of Atoms”

The Free Will Problem

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In last week’s Thursday Theology post (here) we looked at different theories of determinism. We saw that determinism is the idea that the past determines the future in a literal ’cause and effect’ way, so that theoretically, given the entirety of history and all… Continue Reading “The Free Will Problem”