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One Star Reviews

There comes a time on the journey of every author when something happens that has the potential to crush their spirit. Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded one star review. Somebody really dislikes my book and they want everyone to know. Ouch! A few… Continue Reading “One Star Reviews”

Philo of Alexandria

An ancient scroll

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post. Today we’re going to be looking at a Jewish thinker, Philo of Alexandria, who influenced later Christian thinkers with his unusual approach to the Scriptures.

Philosophy in Politics

Old books in a line

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post! Today we move from Greece to Rome and look at the work of Marcus Tullius Cicero, who lived from 106-43 BC, only decades before the birth of Jesus.

A Radical Philosopher

Diogenes of Sinope in a barrel surrounded by dogs

In today’s Friday Philosophy post we’ll be taking a brief look at the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope. We’ll learn about his radical approach to philosophy – an approach which had a marked influence on the Cynics and Stoics who followed him.

The Theory of Atoms

An abstract image depicting many different globes

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post, in which we’ll be taking a brief look at one of the ancient Greek ‘atomist’ philosophers, a man named Democritus. We’re actually jumping back in time a little, as Democritus is a presocratic thinker, but it makes… Continue Reading “The Theory of Atoms”