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God is Always Everywhere and Sometimes Somewhere


I believe an aspect of God’s nature is that He is everywhere. You can sense this for yourself if you spend a moment examining your consciousness, and asking whether there are any boundaries or edges to it. When I do this myself, I have… Continue Reading “God is Always Everywhere and Sometimes Somewhere”

The Nature of Forms: Where Plato Went Wrong

I’ve been thinking about the way our thoughts and feelings relate to the external world, and considering the nature of our reactions to external things and how those reactions occur independently of the nature of the objects we perceive. Allow me to elaborate a… Continue Reading “The Nature of Forms: Where Plato Went Wrong”

I Don’t Even Exist

A man with his hood up sat on a wooden bench looking out over a lake

Those who are familiar with my philosophical outlook will know that I describe human beings as puppets under the control of an omnipresent God. It’s important to mention that I use the word puppets rather than the word robots to describe human beings, and… Continue Reading “I Don’t Even Exist”

Why Regret is Illogical

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Welcome to the latest post in my Praise and Prose series, which looks at how the way we use language might change in order to better reflect God’s sovereignty over all events, which is a key component of my philosophical perspective. When we regret… Continue Reading “Why Regret is Illogical”

The Madness of Science

Scientific exploration, particularly in the domain of physics, can be summarised as the investigation into¬†what causes what. Hugely influential ideas in the contemporary scientific paradigm, such as evolution, genetics, and the Big Bang theory, all have this methodology at their core. According to my… Continue Reading “The Madness of Science”