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New Book Announcement

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Hi, friends. You may recall that I ran a blogging series entitled Praise and Prose which looked at the language we use and how we might change certain aspects of our conversations in order to better appreciate and honour God. Today I just wanted… Continue Reading “New Book Announcement”

What is Wisdom and Who is Wise?

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Age is often equated with wisdom. This belief is based on the idea that knowledge is something which is accumulated, but I dispute this. I don’t believe knowledge and experience are things that are stored up, as many people believe, in the cells of… Continue Reading “What is Wisdom and Who is Wise?”

Can We Know Anything?

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Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post! Today we open up a new chapter in our investigations into some of philosophy’s biggest ideas with a look at Socrates, one of the most famous philosophers of all time. Unlike many of the presocratics we’ve been… Continue Reading “Can We Know Anything?”

The Authority of Scripture

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The question of authority in matters of faith is important for any believer in God to consider. How can we know with any degree of certainty what God expects of us? Within Christianity specifically, we have to consider whether the Bible is infallible and… Continue Reading “The Authority of Scripture”