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Understanding the Qur’an (Episode 5: God’s Sovereignty)

As many of you know, the focus of much of my writing is on the divine sovereignty versus human free will problem. One of my life goals is to bring a deeper understanding of this subject to people who are interested in matters of… Continue Reading “Understanding the Qur’an (Episode 5: God’s Sovereignty)”

Spiritual Life Update

Blessings upon you, friends. I hope you are all feeling peaceful and well. I thought that today I would share where I am standing spiritually after spending quite of lot of time reading the Qur’an and exploring the differences and similarities between Christianity and… Continue Reading “Spiritual Life Update”

On Choosing a Spiritual Path

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I think it’s common for people who are interested in spirituality to change their views. I probably don’t have enough fingers on my hands to count the number of times my beliefs have changed during my lifetime. It makes sense, really, that if an… Continue Reading “On Choosing a Spiritual Path”

The Central Issue of Theology

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The central issue of theology, as far as I’m concerned, is the alleged divinity of Christ. Is Jesus really God who came in the flesh; the visible image of the invisible God? Or were the Christian Scriptures corrupted in order to portray him in… Continue Reading “The Central Issue of Theology”

Introducing my Book: The Only Question You Ever Need Ask

Much of my writing examines theological issues related to Christianity and other religions from a philosophical perspective. I am motivated by a desire to reach a deeper understanding in relation to the nature of reality and of myself, and to cut through false ideas… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: The Only Question You Ever Need Ask”