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A Guest Article About China by David Robertson

Chinese Lanterns

Those of you who have been following Perfect Chaos for a while may be aware of my friend David Robertson, who I interviewed for the blog in 2019 (you can read the interview here). David is a blogger, author, and student of theology from… Continue Reading “A Guest Article About China by David Robertson”

What Motivates a World Leader?

It’s interesting to consider what causes a person to wish to be a head of state and world leader. One might consider positive motivations, such as having the intention to create a more compassionate society, and then negative motivations, such as fear of confrontation… Continue Reading “What Motivates a World Leader?”

The Materialism of Thomas Hobbes

A black and white portrait of Thomas Hobbes

Welcome to this week’s philosophy post. Today, I’ll be offering a snapshot of the life and thought of the British philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who lived between 1588 – 1679 and is known for his materialist perspective, as well as for being one of the… Continue Reading “The Materialism of Thomas Hobbes”

Philosophy in Politics

Old books in a line

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post! Today we move from Greece to Rome and look at the work of Marcus Tullius Cicero, who lived from 106-43 BC, only decades before the birth of Jesus.