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Of course you are indoctrinated. You were taught how the world works, you were encouraged to follow a path through childhood and into adulthood, you watch the news, you read books.

So how much of your worldview is your own, and how much is indoctrination? Ask yourself this question honestly. You will know, deep down, whether your beliefs are your own, or whether you are piggybacking on the beliefs of others.

Imagine if you were entirely free from all the constructs of the world. What, then, would you believe? Perhaps you have not yet experienced total destruction of your ego — utter emptiness of mind — and therefore your thoughts are shaped in a certain way that is not your own.

When you speak, is it your parents speaking? When you write, is it your teachers writing? When you get angry, is it the emotion of others?

You have to be destroyed, and then start again, in order to see clearly. Brokenness and freedom and close allies. Let go of everything you have ever been taught, experience the world as it really is, and then you will truly be able to discern what matters and which path you should follow.

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  1. You must unlearn what you have learned – Yoda 🙂

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  2. Always good to exercise self-inquiry

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