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Pascal’s Wager Discussed

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Christianity might seem strange to some, particularly to those who haven’t had a revelation of the reality of God. But when we come to understand the Christian worldview, and how it relates to every human being, we are all forced to consider seriously the… Continue Reading “Pascal’s Wager Discussed”

Three Views of Hell

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In this post I will give a brief overview of three different positions that theologians take concerning the doctrine of hell. My discussion will merely offer brief definitions and a few key scriptures with the aim of encouraging readers toward further study on this… Continue Reading “Three Views of Hell”

Suffering, Death, and the Afterlife

A graveyard on a sunny Autumn day

When I was a Christian I had great faith that there would be a place in heaven waiting for me when I died.  This faith gave me the confidence to live more freely and fearlessly.  There are many things I miss about being a… Continue Reading “Suffering, Death, and the Afterlife”

Life After Death

A wooden coffin in a dug grave surrounded by grass (shot from above)

I believe that consciousness is eternal. What I mean by this is that there never was or will be a time when you were/are not alive. Just because we don’t remember being babies doesn’t mean we weren’t once babies, and in the same way,… Continue Reading “Life After Death”

Thoughts About the Afterlife

To be honest, the nature of the afterlife is a complete mystery to me. It seems to be part of our human nature that we can only speculate on the afterlife during this life. I do, however, have a faint vision of what the… Continue Reading “Thoughts About the Afterlife”