Entrances to heaven and hell

Thoughts About the Afterlife

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To be honest, the nature of the afterlife is a complete mystery to me. It seems to be part of our human nature that we can only speculate on the afterlife during this life.

I do, however, have a faint vision of what the afterlife might be like. I believe that angels and other spiritual beings do exist. I also believe there is a place we might call heaven, where there is peace and happiness in abundance.

Could it perhaps be the case that the afterlife is a kind of mirror image of our Earthly lives, in many respects, and yet without much (or maybe even any) suffering?

It is also possible that a kind of hell exists. Heaven and hell have been spoken about in philosophy for thousands of years. So we should never be so arrogant as to assume we are definitely going to heaven. I can honestly say that the idea of hell terrifies me; we can hardly imagine the horrors that are possible.

This whole discussion serves to underline the spiritual aspect of our existence, and how our human lives are just a fleeting moment in eternity.

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  1. I like to believe historical evidence on these things. This is why I tend to go with following the bible and other historical books and examining them in cross referance with others.
    So it seems that in the east such as Siddartha existed and then in the middle east, Jesus. Now with Jesus, he was the only one to make the claims that he was the son of God and even before Abraham he and Moses, He was. A known Roman historian writes about him. Paul, who was Saul, a righteous Jew and persecutor of Christians has a completer turn around after Jesus appears to Him. So it seems the man who claimed to be God and that He would as predicted in the old testiment, be nailed to a tree (the cross) for our iniquities!
    . This is what I go with. Although there were other holy men and some I get enlightenment from, like Lao Tzsu ( is that how you spell his name? I believe he was the man who wrote about the Tao! The way.
    Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. Wouldnt it be good and it will be maybe even before the end of time,
    (Time began and it was created, God is uncreated and yet created us in his image, this I take to mean that this phyisical body will one day be shook off, even by death (which has no sting) and we will have new immortal bodies to exist in Gods presence. Thats what I am going with and tell my sons. We dont have to work out all the details, but leave them to the grand designer. Just as when I flew them to England from the Philippines where they were born. I did not have to understand the fine details of how a plane works. I trusted our wellbeing to the designer of the plane and the pilot and crew. Best wishes and know that I pray to the very Spirit of God who resides in me, for you to be strengthened by the power of Love. Your brother of Christ and all the saints. Peter.
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