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God’s Freedom and Human Suffering

Person holding a Bible

Hello again folks. I know I’ve been posting quite frequently, but there’s a lot that’s been going through my mind and blogging helps me to process it. Also, the discussions in the comments have been really good recently and it’s helpful learning about the… Continue Reading “God’s Freedom and Human Suffering”

Suffering, God, and Covid-19

A priest wearing a black garment and looking serious

Is God responsible for human suffering? This question has been a major consideration of mine ever since God revealed Himself to me and I became a Christian back in 2008. I have considered Biblical interpretations of suffering, and have also explored a range of… Continue Reading “Suffering, God, and Covid-19”

Trust in Him

God is awesome, majestic, wonderful, glorious, wise, humorous, grand, mysterious, mighty, and greatly to be feared. God is masterful in His creativity, He’s a friend to the poor in spirit, He’s the solution to every problem, the answer to every question, the peace in… Continue Reading “Trust in Him”

The Great Vacuousness of All that I Am and Ever Will Do

The question of why there is something rather than nothing — why anything exists at all — is very confusing to me. However, I realise that confusion is just an energetic state; it’s perfectly possible that to You (God) there is no mystery. It… Continue Reading “The Great Vacuousness of All that I Am and Ever Will Do”

Humane Prisons

Hi friends. I’ve spent quite a lot of time on YouTube over the last few days, as I signed up for a free trial of YouTube Premium. This means no ads and a considerably better viewing experience. While using YouTube without ads has been… Continue Reading “Humane Prisons”