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Christian and Muslim Views of Judgment

Do you believe that at a time appointed by God to take place in the future, every human being will be judged? This is an idea that we find in both Christianity and Islam. If you haven’t read the Scriptures of these religions, I… Continue Reading “Christian and Muslim Views of Judgment”

Should Christians be Judgmental?

The question I’d like to address in this article is whether being a Christian means a person must be judgmental when interacting with others.

Why Does God Punish Dreadfully, When Jesus Teaches Forgiveness?

A close-up of a person's hands and varnished nails as they read the Bible

I re-read the book of Revelation today. It seems to me that the teachings of Jesus — who emphasised love of neighbour, love of God, and forgiveness of our enemies — are at odds with the way God’s character is depicted in the Bible.… Continue Reading “Why Does God Punish Dreadfully, When Jesus Teaches Forgiveness?”

The Bible and Hell

An old Bible with a gold cross on the cover

In today’s Thursday Theology post I’d like to invite you to read a study on the subject of hell as it is written about in the Bible. You may find it refreshing to explore this subject in some depth. It is by no means… Continue Reading “The Bible and Hell”

Primary and Secondary Causes

A painting of an open book with a dog and a girl with an umbrella on its pages

The extent to which we are free to act independently of the will of God is a central concern in Christian theology. I have recently been listening to some Calvinists really struggling to defend a position that to me makes no sense – that… Continue Reading “Primary and Secondary Causes”