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The Bible and Hell

An old Bible with a gold cross on the cover

In today’s Thursday Theology post I’d like to invite you to read a study on the subject of hell as it is written about in the Bible. You may find it refreshing to explore this subject in some depth. It is by no means… Continue Reading “The Bible and Hell”

God’s Sovereignty in Scripture

A planet on the left and and the words 'God's Sovereignty' in the space next to it

For some time now I have been arguing that God is in control of all activity in existence, both on the human level and in the world at large. I would like to present a series of scriptures that support this worldview, all the… Continue Reading “God’s Sovereignty in Scripture”

Does the Devil have Free Will?

The devil stood above a lake of fire

The Bible is full of references to the devil (also called Satan, Beelzebul, the enemy, the evil one, etc). It would be fair to say that the existence of this being is central to the Christian faith. We learn from the gospels that Jesus,… Continue Reading “Does the Devil have Free Will?”

The Myth of the Fall

A major idea in the Christian tradition is that human beings live in a ‘fallen’ state.  The idea is that, through original sin (which took place in the Garden of Eden), humanity fell from its original state of union with God, experienced by Adam… Continue Reading “The Myth of the Fall”