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God in Inanimate Objects (video)

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Deep Thoughts About God video series so far. Actually, as I type this, I’ve just finished doing some more filming for the series. Getting my living room ready for filming takes quite a bit of time… Continue Reading “God in Inanimate Objects (video)”

God’s Sovereignty and the Bible

A person reading the bible with pens highlighting certain scriptures

I’ve been spending some time thinking about how free will relates to the Bible, and in this post I’d like to present an argument claiming that it’s not possible to describe the Bible as the Word of God and at the same time maintain… Continue Reading “God’s Sovereignty and the Bible”

Spinoza’s View of God

A portrait painting of Baruch Spinoza

Benedict de Spinoza was a 17th century Jewish-Dutch philosopher, probably most famous for his pantheistic leanings. Pantheism is the view that reality and God are one and the same. In the past I have read plenty of secondary material about Spinoza, and have for… Continue Reading “Spinoza’s View of God”

Creation and Creator

A picture of the cosmos with a planet in the foreground

I found this diagram really useful in depicting the different ways people see the relationship between God and the universe: In theism, God and the universe are separate, but God can intervene in creation. In deism, God and the universe are separate and distinct… Continue Reading “Creation and Creator”

Life Goes On…

A painting of the crucifixion of Jesus

My dear friends, I must first offer you an apology because it has been several weeks since I last posted.  I am still in psychiatric hospital and circumstances have dictated that I have had very limited internet access and some personal troubles that have… Continue Reading “Life Goes On…”