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My dear friends,

I must first offer you an apology because it has been several weeks since I last posted.  I am still in psychiatric hospital and circumstances have dictated that I have had very limited internet access and some personal troubles that have prevented me from sharing with you for a while.

You may notice that I have uploaded some Christian prayers that I have been writing while in hospital.  I have had a resurgence of my Christian faith and am once again recognising the importance of Christ in my life as my lord and saviour.

This is not to disregard my criticisms of Christianity, as expressed on this blog, which still hold some validity in my mind.  I am a Christian but I still believe in the panentheist perspective that says all is ‘in God’, and indeed, all is God, which my regular readers will be familiar with.

This blog was made private for a couple of weeks recently while I gathered my thoughts, but the gates are open once again and I would be delighted for you to have a read of my recent posts and leave your comments on any of my articles, past or present.

Thanks so much for reading,



  1. ~Good one, and I am in fair agreement with you. Praying with my son for your good recovery. May our loving almighty God Bless in deed and total peace of mind body and soul. Your bro Peter


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