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Free Will and Salvation

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In this post Iā€™m going to look at the heart of the gospel ā€“ the idea that we are sinners in need of salvation. Is this really true?

Free Will and Romans 9

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In this post I’ll be looking at a passage of scripture from the book of Romans and offering some brief reflections on how this passage relates to the problem of God’s sovereignty versus human free will. By the end of the article you’ll see… Continue Reading “Free Will and Romans 9”

The Free Will Problem

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In last week’s Thursday Theology post (here) we looked at different theories of determinism. We saw that determinism is the idea that the past determines the future in a literal ’cause and effect’ way, so that theoretically, given the entirety of history and all… Continue Reading “The Free Will Problem”

Determinism and the Nature of God

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Often technical terminology can be headache-inducing, so I usually try to avoid it. But philosophical terms can be helpful if they encapsulate something profound and meaningful that relates to our lives and our understanding of reality. I believe that determinism is one such term… Continue Reading “Determinism and the Nature of God”

Primary and Secondary Causes

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The extent to which we are free to act independently of the will of God is a central concern in Christian theology. I have recently been listening to some Calvinists really struggling to defend a position that to me makes no sense ā€“ that… Continue Reading “Primary and Secondary Causes”