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I would appreciate it if…

We shouldn’t say “I would appreciate it if you’d do the washing up”, because that is making a factual statement about the future, when in reality the future is uncertain, and you will only appreciate it if God brings to your body and mind… Continue Reading “I would appreciate it if…”

Hearing from God

What do you do if God tells you something that is in direct contradiction with something that’s taught in the Bible? The Christian might say, “God will never tell you anything that contradicts Biblical theology.” To take this position is to elevate the Bible… Continue Reading “Hearing from God”

The Presence of God

Welcome to another post in my Praise and Prose series, which looks at how the way in which we use language — especially in matters of faith and spirituality — might develop in order to better reflect the ultimate truth of God’s sovereignty over… Continue Reading “The Presence of God”

Trust in Him

God is awesome, majestic, wonderful, glorious, wise, humorous, grand, mysterious, mighty, and greatly to be feared. God is masterful in His creativity, He’s a friend to the poor in spirit, He’s the solution to every problem, the answer to every question, the peace in… Continue Reading “Trust in Him”

God’s Grand Game (video)

An image of the galaxy with Earth in the foreground

From a certain perspective, the universe can be seen as a cosmic playground in which all events unfold by the will and creative power of God. This creative work of God, who I believe is animating all events in the eternal present moment, might… Continue Reading “God’s Grand Game (video)”