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The Bible and Hell

An old Bible with a gold cross on the cover

In today’s Thursday Theology post I’d like to invite you to read a study on the subject of hell as it is written about in the Bible. You may find it refreshing to explore this subject in some depth. It is by no means… Continue Reading “The Bible and Hell”

From My Heart, to God

A man on the ground praying

In all honesty, Lord, my main desire in life is to limit suffering as much as possible. I am most concerned with limiting my personal suffering, but I also care for all other sentient beings and don’t want them to suffer either. You have… Continue Reading “From My Heart, to God”

Three Views of Hell

A chair in the foreground and a burning fire in the background

In this post I will give a brief overview of three different positions that theologians take concerning the doctrine of hell. My discussion will merely offer brief definitions and a few key scriptures with the aim of encouraging readers toward further study on this… Continue Reading “Three Views of Hell”

Life’s Too Short?

A giant clock with a hellish scene to the left and a heavenly scene to the right

It’s a saying that we’ve all heard countless times. The meaning behind the phrase is normally that we need to enjoy ourselves now because our life here on earth will soon be over. The phrase is decidedly secular and often accompanies destructive tendencies such as… Continue Reading “Life’s Too Short?”

What is the Meaning of Life?

A picture of space with Earth at the centre

I have been an atheist, a new age spiritualist and a Christian, and I’ve been drawn to different teachings and philosophies from around the world at different times in my life. I spent a good deal of my adult life searching painfully and desperately for… Continue Reading “What is the Meaning of Life?”