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Every Blade of Grass

Field of grass

Lord God, I am deeply awed by Your wisdom and prowess and creativity; how You have been unfolding a plan for creation longer than I am aware of or could possibly comprehend. There are no words that could describe Your incredible skill when it… Continue Reading “Every Blade of Grass”

From My Heart, to God

A man on the ground praying

In all honesty, Lord, my main desire in life is to limit suffering as much as possible. I am most concerned with limiting my personal suffering, but I also care for all other sentient beings and don’t want them to suffer either. You have… Continue Reading “From My Heart, to God”

Your Prayers Were Heard

A group of believers huddled together in prayer

Today I am feeling immensely grateful for everyone who responded to my recent request for prayers. I was in a difficult situation with a troublesome neighbour, and I feared he was going to act aggressively and possibly violently towards me (here’s the backstory). By… Continue Reading “Your Prayers Were Heard”

Dealing with Evil

An image with low lighting of a man reading an open Bible

Those of you who read Sunday’s post will recall that I’m experiencing a difficult situation with a neighbour at the moment. It’s been consuming a lot of my energy and it’s hard to see a way forward, such is the troubling attitude of the… Continue Reading “Dealing with Evil”

The Grace of God

A wooden cross on the right beaming light to the cloudy orange sky behind it

Oh, most gracious Lord! You are eternal, unfathomable; mighty beyond measure! You have created all things and this complex universe is the work of Your hands.┬áSo far is Your divine knowledge from my shallow human understanding. I cannot comprehend Your way, oh God! In… Continue Reading “The Grace of God”