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If God is a Person, then Justice is Subjective

Hello, friends. I’ve been thinking a lot about justice. This is because there are certain people in my life that I am annoyed with, because they have been behaving in a way that I find to be really inconsiderate and unkind. But don’t worry,… Continue Reading “If God is a Person, then Justice is Subjective”

Imagining Pluralistic Religion

A group of Indian children covered in paint, smiling

Imagine how your spiritual life would look if you loved every person (both friend and stranger) unconditionally, rather than with the condition that they must alter their beliefs to accord with your own worldview if they are to meet with acceptance within your community.… Continue Reading “Imagining Pluralistic Religion”

The Pull Towards Jesus

A man with his hands clasped in prayer leaning on a table with a Bible and a notebook

Hi everyone. There’s so much I could share with you today, but I am going to make this post brief because I want to have some quality prayer, worship, and Bible reading time this evening. On Wednesday, with the help of the pastor from… Continue Reading “The Pull Towards Jesus”

All Things Have Purpose

A man stood by a gushing river with orange trees in the background

Welcome to the latest instalment in my Friday Philosophy series. Each week we look at a significant idea from a renowned philosopher from history. In recent posts we covered the presocratics of ancient Greece (like Xenophanes and Heraclitus), then went on to look at… Continue Reading “All Things Have Purpose”

‘A Chosen Faith’ by Buehrens and Church (book review)

A photo of the inside of a Unitarian Universalist church

This book is an introduction to Unitarian Universalism. I’m always interested to investigate different religions, and I know an Anglican minister who recently left the Church of England to join a Unitarian church, so this (among other things) sparked my interest and I decided… Continue Reading “‘A Chosen Faith’ by Buehrens and Church (book review)”