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The Ontological Argument

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Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post. Today I’ll be offering a snapshot of the life and thought of Saint Anselm, who was an important philosophical theologian of the Medieval period, and produced an interesting argument for the existence of God.

Who was Saint Augustine?

Saint Augustine sat at a desk writing

Every Friday I offer a snapshot of a philosopher from history, reflecting on an idea of significance they contributed to the history of thought. There is necessarily some crossover between philosophy and theology, as is evident in today’s post, where I’ll be profiling Augustine… Continue Reading “Who was Saint Augustine?”

All Things Have Purpose

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Welcome to the latest instalment in my Friday Philosophy series. Each week we look at a significant idea from a renowned philosopher from history. In recent posts we covered the presocratics of ancient Greece (like Xenophanes and Heraclitus), then went on to look at… Continue Reading “All Things Have Purpose”

Two Vital Questions

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I have read the whole Bible and attended various Catholic and Protestant churches, and after much study and exploration I believe I have a pretty good idea of the central doctrines and tenets of the Christian faith. Those who have read my essay entitled… Continue Reading “Two Vital Questions”

Latria and Dulia

A painting of Mary holding Jesus with angels on the left and right

I’m slowly working my way through ’The Institutes of the Christian Religion’ by John Calvin at the moment and am expanding my vocabulary in the process. It’s one of those books where it really helps to have a good dictionary (or a device with… Continue Reading “Latria and Dulia”