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A Critique of Bart Ehrman’s Methodology as a ‘Historian’

Bart Ehrman in church

I was very excited to begin reading How Jesus Became God by Bart Ehrman, having recently read and reviewed another of his books, Misquoting Jesus. The latter book gave some very interesting insights into the transmission of the Christian sacred texts (i.e. how they… Continue Reading “A Critique of Bart Ehrman’s Methodology as a ‘Historian’”

Why ‘3’ means three

Stained glass window

In a recent blog post, I discussed the ancient Greek philosopher Plato and his theory about the existence of a ‘realm of forms’. Plato argued that the reason why we can identify objects as being of a certain kind (or category) is because they… Continue Reading “Why ‘3’ means three”

Deep Thoughts About God (video series)

Back in March 2019, I released a book entitled God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground, which contains a comprehensive exposition of my philosophical perspective. The book explores the divine sovereignty versus human free will predicament with reference to the doctrines of… Continue Reading “Deep Thoughts About God (video series)”

The Insanity of the Envy of the Circumstances of Others

A large building with a mowed lawn in the foreground

Some thoughts occurred to me while watching a video today. When the video loaded, and displayed a tranquil scene of a cabin in the wilderness, lit by lamps, with an open fire, and with the rain beating down outside, it triggered an emotion in… Continue Reading “The Insanity of the Envy of the Circumstances of Others”

Primary and Secondary Causes

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Welcome to another post in my Praise and Prose series. The series looks at our use of language, especially in matters of faith and spirituality, and how that language might change in order to better reflect reality. Today I would like to begin a… Continue Reading “Primary and Secondary Causes”