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Jesus the Creator? (video)

Stained glass window

Greetings and welcome to the final video in my Deep Thoughts About God series. In this video, I explore the Christian claim that Jesus played a role in the creation of the world, along with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. With reference… Continue Reading “Jesus the Creator? (video)”

Jesus the Creator?

A painting representing the Trinity

One of the main purposes of this blog is for me to describe and discuss some of the commonly held Christian beliefs that I find difficult to understand. One idea that I’ve been wrestling with recently is the co-eternality of the three persons of… Continue Reading “Jesus the Creator?”

God’s Omnipresence and the Incarnation

A stained glass picture of Jesus with a staff and a lamb

I often hear Christians speaking of what a miraculous and wonderful thing it is that God chose to enter into His own creation in the person of Jesus Christ in the event known as the Incarnation. The problem with this notion is that it… Continue Reading “God’s Omnipresence and the Incarnation”