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God’s Omnipresence and the Incarnation

A stained glass picture of Jesus with a staff and a lamb

I often hear Christians speaking of what a miraculous and wonderful thing it is that God chose to enter into His own creation in the person of Jesus Christ in the event known as the Incarnation. The problem with this notion is that it… Continue Reading “God’s Omnipresence and the Incarnation”

Christological Conundrums

A cartoon-like painting of Jesus a tree

I have spent some time recently studying Christian apologetics (defence of the faith) and have heard some Muslim scholars raising interesting questions about the Trinity and the dual (human & divine) nature of Christ. Here are a few thoughts. One Muslim questioner was asking… Continue Reading “Christological Conundrums”

Jesus is God and So Are You

A picture of Jesus in front of a mountain range with a strange planet in the background

I don’t have any problems at all understanding that Jesus was a man.  I can picture someone who walks, talks, breathes, thinks, remembers, laughs, cries, tells stories, and suffers, just like any other human being.  The problem, for me, is trying to work out… Continue Reading “Jesus is God and So Are You”