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Understanding the Qur’an (Episode 2: The Alleged Divinity of Christ)

Stained Glass Window Jesus

I explained in a recent post that I feel the alleged divinity of Jesus Christ is the central issue of theology. This is especially true for Christians, of course, but it is also a crucial issue for Muslims, Jews, and other monotheists. In today’s… Continue Reading “Understanding the Qur’an (Episode 2: The Alleged Divinity of Christ)”

The Cosmic Animator (video)

Hi everyone! Today I’m delighted to bring you the second instalment in my Deep Thoughts About God video series. If you missed episode one, you can read last week’s post and watch the first video — entitled ‘How Do I Know God Exists?’ —… Continue Reading “The Cosmic Animator (video)”

Defining the Being of God

Incense burning next to gold containers

There is a branch of philosophy called ontology, which looks at the nature of being. Today, I’d like to ask you to consider what you would be comfortable to say constitutes the being of God. I’m not asking you to talk about the things… Continue Reading “Defining the Being of God”

Some Truths About God

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There is only one God, who is omnipresent, and therefore all that exists. The entirety of creation is God’s self-expression, and there is nothing that exists that is not a part of God. Every created thing is sustained by God, and under His direct… Continue Reading “Some Truths About God”

Does God Have Foreknowledge?

A picture of the universe with an Earth-like planet in the foreground

The problem with claiming God has ‘foreknowledge’ is that it implies all future events are already determined. This would only be the case in a kind of clockwork universe where cause leads to effect and nothing can change the wheels that have been set… Continue Reading “Does God Have Foreknowledge?”