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Everyday Mysteries

Two hands linking fingers with friendship bracelets around their wrists

True philosophy is about a fascination with all that is mysterious in life. That’s why I have studied, and continue to study, philosophy; because I find it ceaselessly intriguing thinking about why we are here, what reality is, why we suffer, the nature of… Continue Reading “Everyday Mysteries”

Hearing Voices or Hearing God?

A man praying in front of a dark wooden wall

Have you ever heard a Christian say, “God placed it on my heart” to do such and such? Let’s take a brief look at what a statement like this might mean, and what it says about the relationship between God and human beings.

Some Truths About God

A church with light streaming through a window

There is only one God, who is omnipresent, and therefore all that exists. The entirety of creation is God’s self-expression, and there is nothing that exists that is not a part of God. Every created thing is sustained by God, and under His direct… Continue Reading “Some Truths About God”

Fighting stigma: Are things really changing?

Photo from The Sun mental health feature

I recently took part in an anti-stigma photoshoot for The Sun newspaper.  The shoot was in connection with the Time To Change campaign, a major initiative from the mental health charities Mind and Rethink.  The idea is to get people talking openly about mental… Continue Reading “Fighting stigma: Are things really changing?”

‘Neuroscience and Philosophy’ by Bennett, Dennett, Hacker and Searle (book review)

An image of a human brain in the centre with abstract shapes and patterns to the sides

Neuroscience and Philosophy is an academic book that will be of interest mostly to professionals working within these disciplines. The book assumes a high level of understanding in terms of the technical language used when talking about the brain and about philosophical matters. At… Continue Reading “‘Neuroscience and Philosophy’ by Bennett, Dennett, Hacker and Searle (book review)”