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Exploring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

A word cloud showing words related to mental health

Earlier this week I had a medical review with my psychiatrist and care coordinator.  I was quite nervous about the appointment; this was my first review in almost a year and it felt as though there was an awful lot (too much!) to talk… Continue Reading “Exploring Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”

Fighting stigma: Are things really changing?

Photo from The Sun mental health feature

I recently took part in an anti-stigma photoshoot for The Sun newspaper.  The shoot was in connection with the Time To Change campaign, a major initiative from the mental health charities Mind and Rethink.  The idea is to get people talking openly about mental… Continue Reading “Fighting stigma: Are things really changing?”

Photoshoot for The Sun newspaper

The Sun newspaper logo

Earlier this week, my publicist Jenna dropped me an email to let me know that The Sun were looking for people with a mental illness to take part in a photoshoot.  The shoot, I was told, would be to accompany a feature in the… Continue Reading “Photoshoot for The Sun newspaper”

God is Merciful

I hand holding keys with blue sky in the background

Dear friends, I’m happy to say I am now out of psychiatric hospital and living in the community again.  The Lord has been very generous to me, blessing me with a lovely room in a great location.  I can’t quite believe my luck!  This… Continue Reading “God is Merciful”

Treat the person, not the brain

A closeup of a man with transparent green skin (his brain is visible)

The terrible side-effects of antipsychotic drugs I currently have a diagnosis of the mental health condition schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia with bipolar elements).  Over the past six years I have experienced three episodes of psychosis, and I have taken five different kinds of antipsychotic medication… Continue Reading “Treat the person, not the brain”