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The Insanity of the Envy of the Circumstances of Others

A large building with a mowed lawn in the foreground

Some thoughts occurred to me while watching a video today. When the video loaded, and displayed a tranquil scene of a cabin in the wilderness, lit by lamps, with an open fire, and with the rain beating down outside, it triggered an emotion in… Continue Reading “The Insanity of the Envy of the Circumstances of Others”

Treat the person, not the brain

A closeup of a man with transparent green skin (his brain is visible)

The terrible side-effects of antipsychotic drugs I currently have a diagnosis of the mental health condition schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia with bipolar elements).  Over the past six years I have experienced three episodes of psychosis, and I have taken five different kinds of antipsychotic medication… Continue Reading “Treat the person, not the brain”