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Mental Illness and the Chemical Imbalance Myth

A lady looking depressed with sunlight shining on her face

I believe that what are currently diagnosed as mental illnesses should be seen as expressions of character or personality rather than brain disorders. The way in which we behave could only be described as a brain disorder if the reality is that chemicals in… Continue Reading “Mental Illness and the Chemical Imbalance Myth”

Fighting stigma: Are things really changing?

Photo from The Sun mental health feature

I recently took part in an anti-stigma photoshoot for The Sun newspaper.  The shoot was in connection with the Time To Change campaign, a major initiative from the mental health charities Mind and Rethink.  The idea is to get people talking openly about mental… Continue Reading “Fighting stigma: Are things really changing?”

Photoshoot for The Sun newspaper

The Sun newspaper logo

Earlier this week, my publicist Jenna dropped me an email to let me know that The Sun were looking for people with a mental illness to take part in a photoshoot.  The shoot, I was told, would be to accompany a feature in the… Continue Reading “Photoshoot for The Sun newspaper”