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A Perspective on Sin

A black and white photo of Thomas Watson

While browsing through posts from Christians on WordPress I stumbled upon this insightful video (embedded below). It features the reading of a text called ‘The Curtain Sinner’ by the Puritan Thomas Watson. The text is about sin and the difference between sin in a… Continue Reading “A Perspective on Sin”

Living with the Question

A black puzzle with a piece missing

Anyone who has read my blog in any depth will recognise that there are two important components to my beliefs about God and the world.  On the one hand, there is my panentheist attitude that sees God in everything as the ‘cosmic animator’ –… Continue Reading “Living with the Question”

God is Merciful

I hand holding keys with blue sky in the background

Dear friends, I’m happy to say I am now out of psychiatric hospital and living in the community again.  The Lord has been very generous to me, blessing me with a lovely room in a great location.  I can’t quite believe my luck!  This… Continue Reading “God is Merciful”

Life Goes On…

A painting of the crucifixion of Jesus

My dear friends, I must first offer you an apology because it has been several weeks since I last posted.  I am still in psychiatric hospital and circumstances have dictated that I have had very limited internet access and some personal troubles that have… Continue Reading “Life Goes On…”