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God is Merciful

Dear friends,

I’m happy to say I am now out of psychiatric hospital and living in the community again.  The Lord has been very generous to me, blessing me with a lovely room in a great location.  I can’t quite believe my luck!  This is surely an answer to prayer.

I apologise once again for the lack of updates recently, and also that the blog was made private for a couple of weeks.  I was in two minds about whether to carry on with the blog at one stage and making it private seemed wise while I was deciding what to do.

Now I’m out of hospital (which is very refreshing indeed; I was first admitted before Christmas and it is now April) I have a chance to think about the future again.  I am feeling more positive about keeping an online presence, and I hope to continue updating this blog and working on several books that I have already started.

When I become unwell, it’s hard to know what is fantasy (schizophrenia gives you some funny ideas about reality!), and what is real.  I sometimes have lofty ambitions and in the coming weeks I will have to re-assess where I’m at and what I can realistically achieve in this new season of my life.

One thing is clear at the moment.  I need Jesus Christ in my life!  And I need to keep attending church to stay focused on spiritual matters rather than earthly concerns.  Above all I want to be a good, Godly, generous person and I want to leave a positive impression in the world as I go about my business.  I am praying that I can achieve this and I have faith that the Lord will help me.

Peace and blessings to you!  Thanks for reading.

4 responses to “God is Merciful”

  1. Dear Steven, my brother of Jesus, I am praying for your wellbeing and for our loving Father of our Lord and saviour, to send the Holy spirit; our comforter to you. May you let go of all anxiaty and let God give you rest in His love. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
    Peace and love to you now and always.
    May angels in heaven pray for your wellbeing being, as well as some of us mere mortals.


    1. What a lovely prayer, thank you Peter


  2. Having nEver been through what you have, and not being religious (which doesn’t mean lacking faith btw), it is difficult for me to relate to what you have been facing in recent months, but I wish you the best of health and happiness for the future. Earthly matters are what we have to deal directly, and have to confront on occasions. However each one of us does it is up to each person, and if you need the support of the church now, I sincerely hope it brings you back to a level where you feel you are happy. Inner happiness and peace are probably the most precious things anyone can hold.


    1. Hi Bruno, very kind of you to leave such a thoughtful comment, I do appreciate it 🙂


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