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Imagining Pluralistic Religion

A group of Indian children covered in paint, smiling

Imagine how your spiritual life would look if you loved every person (both friend and stranger) unconditionally, rather than with the condition that they must alter their beliefs to accord with your own worldview if they are to meet with acceptance within your community.… Continue Reading “Imagining Pluralistic Religion”

What Are God’s Attributes? (video)

An empty church with stained glass windows

Greetings from London! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Deep Thoughts About God video series so far. Today I’m returning with the third instalment in the series, in which I describe God’s attributes (as far as I feel able to speak about them) and… Continue Reading “What Are God’s Attributes? (video)”

Defining the Being of God

Incense burning next to gold containers

There is a branch of philosophy called ontology, which looks at the nature of being. Today, I’d like to ask you to consider what you would be comfortable to say constitutes the being of God. I’m not asking you to talk about the things… Continue Reading “Defining the Being of God”

Geoffrey Parrinder: Interfaith Master

Colourful stained glass windows in a spiral pattern

I’ve been interested in comparative religion ever since my university days, when I used to spend hours listening to recordings of talks given by the philosopher Alan Watts. Watts, with his knack for communicating Zen paradoxes, has these days become somewhat of a cult… Continue Reading “Geoffrey Parrinder: Interfaith Master”

Building a Church for Everyone

My plan, after I am discharged from psychiatric hospital, is to keep taking my medication and attempt, if the divine wills it to be so, to begin bringing together people of different faiths in order to initiate discussions that may eventually lead to the… Continue Reading “Building a Church for Everyone”