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Encountering a Cult

A woman in a forest with light emanating from here finger

George’s memorial service drew to a close and an old school friend, Chris Jenkins, offered me a lift back to the home of George’s family for the reception. Twenty minutes or so later we pulled up and parked a couple of streets along from… Continue Reading “Encountering a Cult”


A person sat cross-legged in a yoga position on a beach

Many Indian religious traditions, including Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism, have the idea of karma as one of their core beliefs. Although there are nuances and variations in the way karma is perceived between these different religions, the key ideas about karma are common to… Continue Reading “Karma”

There is no Enlightenment

A person meditating on a patch of grass by a waterfall

Many people throughout the world are on an earnest search for spiritual enlightenment. I myself spent many years obsessed with the idea that I might somehow become enlightened. I now believe the whole idea is a hoax, and I will try to explain why.… Continue Reading “There is no Enlightenment”