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Spinoza’s View of God

A portrait painting of Baruch Spinoza

Benedict de Spinoza was a 17th century Jewish-Dutch philosopher, probably most famous for his pantheistic leanings. Pantheism is the view that reality and God are one and the same. In the past I have read plenty of secondary material about Spinoza, and have for… Continue Reading “Spinoza’s View of God”

Words to Live By

A man with his hand on another man's shoulder. They are in conversation and smiling.

When I’m not immersed in blog-related activities I spend a fair bit of screen time on a mental health forum where people generously support and comfort one another during times of distress. The way I would describe it is that it’s like Facebook, but… Continue Reading “Words to Live By”

What is Scepticism?

A statue of a thinking man in front of a cloudy sky

Welcome to another instalment of quick-fire philosophy! Every Friday we take a brief look at the life and thought of an important philosopher from history, and I offer a few reflections on their ideas. Today we’re looking at Sextus Empiricus, a Roman Sceptic philosopher… Continue Reading “What is Scepticism?”

God and Hedonism

A painting of nude men and women in a hedonistic scene

In this week’s Friday Philosophy post we’ll be looking at a big idea from the ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus. You may have come across the Epicurean paradox before, which is a truly fascinating set of propositions concerning the problem of evil. I won’t be… Continue Reading “God and Hedonism”

Can We Know Anything?

A lightbulb on a blue background surrounded by mathematical symbols

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post! Today we open up a new chapter in our investigations into some of philosophy’s biggest ideas with a look at Socrates, one of the most famous philosophers of all time. Unlike many of the presocratics we’ve been… Continue Reading “Can We Know Anything?”