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God is Always Everywhere and Sometimes Somewhere


I believe an aspect of God’s nature is that He is everywhere. You can sense this for yourself if you spend a moment examining your consciousness, and asking whether there are any boundaries or edges to it. When I do this myself, I have… Continue Reading “God is Always Everywhere and Sometimes Somewhere”

Describing God

I’ve been thinking a lot about ways of describing God recently. I think it’s a really useful spiritual exercise to try to put our understanding of the being of God into words, and that is exactly what I will try to do in this… Continue Reading “Describing God”

I Don’t Even Exist

A man with his hood up sat on a wooden bench looking out over a lake

Those who are familiar with my philosophical outlook will know that I describe human beings as puppets under the control of an omnipresent God. It’s important to mention that I use the word puppets rather than the word robots to describe human beings, and… Continue Reading “I Don’t Even Exist”

Is God Ever Really Absent?

A lady looking upwards with a blurred background

A few days ago, I heard someone use the phrase “Without God” and it got me thinking about what this phrase might mean. It’s not uncommon for a Christian to say, for instance, “Without God I am lost”, “I can’t do this without God”… Continue Reading “Is God Ever Really Absent?”

What Are God’s Attributes? (video)

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Greetings from London! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Deep Thoughts About God video series so far. Today I’m returning with the third instalment in the series, in which I describe God’s attributes (as far as I feel able to speak about them) and… Continue Reading “What Are God’s Attributes? (video)”