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Describing God

I’ve been thinking a lot about ways of describing God recently. I think it’s a really useful spiritual exercise to try to put our understanding of the being of God into words, and that is exactly what I will try to do in this… Continue Reading “Describing God”

Interview | David Robertson

A traditional Chinese building

Greetings all! Once in a while I’m going to be interviewing people who have inspired me, either in the blogosphere or in the world at large. This is not something I’ve done before, but I’m delighted to kick things off with one of my… Continue Reading “Interview | David Robertson”

Geoffrey Parrinder: Interfaith Master

Colourful stained glass windows in a spiral pattern

I’ve been interested in comparative religion ever since my university days, when I used to spend hours listening to recordings of talks given by the philosopher Alan Watts. Watts, with his knack for communicating Zen paradoxes, has these days become somewhat of a cult… Continue Reading “Geoffrey Parrinder: Interfaith Master”

Experiencing God

A young man sat cross-legged praying

Welcome to this week’s Friday Philosophy post! Today we’ll be looking at the thought of Plotinus, an ancient Roman philosopher who had some interesting views about how divinity relates to the human person.