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Introducing my Book: The God Articles

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My spiritual journey has involved the exploration of a wide range of faith groups, from the ‘self-enquiry’ of gurus such as Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, and Mooji, to the shaking meditation retreats of Indian guru Ratu Bagus, to a period of time spent sleeping rough… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: The God Articles”

Geoffrey Parrinder: Interfaith Master

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I’ve been interested in comparative religion ever since my university days, when I used to spend hours listening to recordings of talks given by the philosopher Alan Watts. Watts, with his knack for communicating Zen paradoxes, has these days become somewhat of a cult… Continue Reading “Geoffrey Parrinder: Interfaith Master”

Sam Harris and Free Will

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Over the last few years, Sam Harris has received a great deal of recognition among atheists, who see him as an important figure championing science as pitted against religion when it comes to the subject of morality. I spent many hours watching Harris speaking… Continue Reading “Sam Harris and Free Will”