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Introducing my Book: God’s Grand Game

The new atheism movement has highlighted many of the theological problems related to Christianity and other religions, and as we move into a ‘post-truth’ age, many people are wondering whether there is still a place for God in society. Has science consigned God to… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: God’s Grand Game”

Introducing my Book: Puppets

Human puppet with strings

Puppets is a compilation of my four full-length books releases. Readers will finish this 800+ page collection with a full understanding of my spiritual journey and philosophy, which depicts God as in sovereign control of all events in existence, including all human activity (hence… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: Puppets”

Introducing my Book: Ultimate Truth

Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion, originally published in 2013, is the second book I ever wrote, and the follow-up to my debut release, The Philosophy of a Mad Man (released in 2012). While The Philosophy of a Mad Man presented a narrative of my… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: Ultimate Truth”

Introducing my Book: An Almighty Predicament

An Almighty Predicament is a 70 page essay written in 2019. The essay opens with a story recalling an impromptu meeting I had with a Muslim in a cafe, which led to a very interesting prayer session later that day and sparked the thought… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: An Almighty Predicament”

Introducing my Book: The God Articles

Man reading book

My spiritual journey has involved the exploration of a wide range of faith groups, from the ‘self-enquiry’ of gurus such as Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, and Mooji, to the shaking meditation retreats of Indian guru Ratu Bagus, to a period of time spent sleeping rough… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: The God Articles”