Introducing my Book: An Almighty Predicament

An Almighty Predicament is a 70 page essay written in 2019. The essay opens with a story recalling an impromptu meeting I had with a Muslim in a cafe, which led to a very interesting prayer session later that day and sparked the thought process which inspired me to write the essay.

After a general introduction, the essay falls into two parts. In the first part I present the most compelling arguments against Christianity (in my view), and in the second part I present the most compelling arguments for embracing Christianity (in my view).

The chapter listing is roughly as follows:


An Eternal Trinity
Theism and the Incarnation
Human Beings Have Free Will
We are Sinners who Need to Repent
We all Deserve Punishment in Hell
God is not Responsible for so-called ‘Evil’
The Devil is in Rebellion Against God
Christianity is the Only True Religion


The Bible is the Word of God
Instruction Concerning Wisdom
A Purpose and a Hope
The Divinity of Christ
Human Beings Need Morality
God our Healer
Casting out Demons

The essay is written in an accessible style and provides much food for thought for anyone who is interested in the more philosophical considerations related to the Christian faith.

To view the artwork and read a short synopsis of the book, see this PDF.

The book is available to buy from these retailers.

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