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Deep Thoughts About God (video series)

Back in March 2019, I released a book entitled God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground, which contains a comprehensive exposition of my philosophical perspective. The book explores the divine sovereignty versus human free will predicament with reference to the doctrines of… Continue Reading “Deep Thoughts About God (video series)”

Blog Tour (Day 10): Think and Explore

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Hi, friends! I hope you are well rested after the weekend. Today I’m sharing the final instalment in the God’s Grand Game blog tour. Today’s piece comes courtesy of Mani Ratman, who has written a beautifully constructed and deeply reflective piece about the book… Continue Reading “Blog Tour (Day 10): Think and Explore”

Blog Tour (Day 8): Yellow Poppies

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Hi everyone! In today’s blog tour post I’ll be sharing an interview I did for Ashley Tanner, who is the very kind and gracious writer behind the Yellow Poppies blog. Ashley is married with four children so I’m especially honoured that she has been… Continue Reading “Blog Tour (Day 8): Yellow Poppies”

Blog Tour (Day 3): Gestaltic Ocean

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Hi folks! Welcome to the third instalment of the God’s Grand Game blog tour. Today I’m delighted to direct you to an interview I’ve done courtesy of a fantastic blogger named Christopher Schallert, who writes about a range of philosophical and theological matters on… Continue Reading “Blog Tour (Day 3): Gestaltic Ocean”

God’s Grand Game Chapter Listing

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Hi all. Firstly, let me share something that will (hopefully) brighten up your day. When I was working in the music industry many years ago, I worked with a band called Gotan Project. They are a group of French musicians making ‘neo-tango’ music. I… Continue Reading “God’s Grand Game Chapter Listing”