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Introducing my Book: Thanks Be To God

Open book on grass

Jesus Christ is described in the Bible as the Prince of Peace, and the Christian Gospel has provided hope and meaning to spiritual seekers for two thousand years. The teachings of Jesus are arguably more important today than ever before.

Introducing my Book: The Philosophy of a Mad Man

Originally published as my debut book release back in 2012, The Philosophy of a Mad Man contains a detailed overview of my spiritual journey (Part 1), and an introduction to the key elements of my philosophy (Part 2).

Introducing my Book: The Only Question You Ever Need Ask

Much of my writing examines theological issues related to Christianity and other religions from a philosophical perspective. I am motivated by a desire to reach a deeper understanding in relation to the nature of reality and of myself, and to cut through false ideas… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: The Only Question You Ever Need Ask”

Introducing my Book: Puppets

Human puppet with strings

Puppets is a compilation of my four full-length books releases. Readers will finish this 800+ page collection with a full understanding of my spiritual journey and philosophy, which depicts God as in sovereign control of all events in existence, including all human activity (hence… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: Puppets”

Introducing my Book: Ultimate Truth

Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion, originally published in 2013, is the second book I ever wrote, and the follow-up to my debut release, The Philosophy of a Mad Man (released in 2012). While The Philosophy of a Mad Man presented a narrative of my… Continue Reading “Introducing my Book: Ultimate Truth”