Introducing my Book: Ultimate Truth

Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion, originally published in 2013, is the second book I ever wrote, and the follow-up to my debut release, The Philosophy of a Mad Man (released in 2012).

While The Philosophy of a Mad Man presented a narrative of my spiritual journey — and also 13 short chapters about philosophy — Ultimate Truth is focused almost entirely upon philosophical theology, presenting an overview of my philosophical perspective with reference to Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions.

Many of the chapters in Ultimate Truth were later revised for God’s Grand Game (released in 2019), so if you have read God’s Grand Game, you will find little new material in Ultimate Truth, although there are chapters in the latter discussing aspects of my mental health treatment, my reasons for stepping away from Hillsong Church, and some reflections on the New Age spiritual movement, none of which appear anywhere else in my writing. Ultimate Truth is a short book (around 150 pages, in contrast with the 260 pages of God’s Grand Game).

A revised and updated 2nd Edition of Ultimate Truth was released in 2020, and this is the version available for sale from all retailers at the time of writing (there are some retailers still selling second-hand versions of the 2013 edition (published by SilverWood Books), but I recommend the updated second edition which was released through my publishing imprint, Tealight Books.

The chapter listing for the second edition of Ultimate Truth is as follows:

Part I
1. A Leap too Far
2. The Myth of the Fall
3. Jesus is God and so Are You
4. The Abrahamic Religions

Part II
5. The Nature of God
6. The Cosmic Animator
7. God in Inanimate Objects
8. Dimensions of Reality

Part III
9. The Reason Why We Suffer
10. An Eternal Hope

Part IV
11. On Good and Evil

Part V
12. What is Causing Our Thoughts?
13. Treat the Person, Not the Brain
14. Idealism and Solipsism

Part VI
15. Karma
16. There is No Enlightenment

Part VII
17. The Great Awakening
18. The Church of the Future

To view the artwork for Ultimate Truth, as well as a brief synopsis of the content, view this PDF.

To buy a copy of Ultimate Truth, please see this list of retailers with links to where the book is available.

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