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The Myth of the Fall (video)

Hi everyone! This week’s video is the seventeenth in my Deep Thoughts About God series. The subject today is the Christian idea of the fall of man. I discuss whether, in reality, it’s possible for anything (or anyone) to live in a state that… Continue Reading “The Myth of the Fall (video)”

God in Inanimate Objects (video)

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Deep Thoughts About God video series so far. Actually, as I type this, I’ve just finished doing some more filming for the series. Getting my living room ready for filming takes quite a bit of time… Continue Reading “God in Inanimate Objects (video)”

Blog Tour (Day 8): Yellow Poppies

God's Grand Game blog tour banner

Hi everyone! In today’s blog tour post I’ll be sharing an interview I did for Ashley Tanner, who is the very kind and gracious writer behind the Yellow Poppies blog. Ashley is married with four children so I’m especially honoured that she has been… Continue Reading “Blog Tour (Day 8): Yellow Poppies”

Free Will and Salvation

A stained glass window depicting Jesus

In this post I’m going to look at the heart of the gospel – the idea that we are sinners in need of salvation. Is this really true?

The Bible and Hell

An old Bible with a gold cross on the cover

In today’s Thursday Theology post I’d like to invite you to read a study on the subject of hell as it is written about in the Bible. You may find it refreshing to explore this subject in some depth. It is by no means… Continue Reading “The Bible and Hell”