The Myth of the Fall (video)

Hi everyone! This week’s video is the seventeenth in my Deep Thoughts About God series. The subject today is the Christian idea of the fall of man. I discuss whether, in reality, it’s possible for anything (or anyone) to live in a state that is separate from, or estranged from God, as Christians who believe in the fall argue we are.

What are your thoughts on the Christian idea of the fall of man? Do you believe that our intrinsic state is separation from God because of what happened in the Garden of Eden? Comments are open over on YouTube so feel free to share your thoughts if there’s anything you’d like to express.

Next Thursday I’m planning to return with a video entitled ‘The Confusion of Calvinism’ in which I explain why I find Calvinist theology to be illogical in certain respects, especially when it comes to the free will debate.

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(Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay)

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