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Determinism and the Nature of God

A man sat on a wall looking down on a city on a cloudy day

Often technical terminology can be headache-inducing, so I usually try to avoid it. But philosophical terms can be helpful if they encapsulate something profound and meaningful that relates to our lives and our understanding of reality. I believe that determinism is one such term… Continue Reading “Determinism and the Nature of God”

God’s Grand Game

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My belief that God is the sustainer and animator of the whole of creation is somewhat controversial among Christians and others who believe in free will. After all, if we do not have free will then ideas like sin, the fall, and judgment, don’t… Continue Reading “God’s Grand Game”

What Prayer Reveals About God

A woman praying with her back against a brick wall

Implicit within prayer is the acknowledgment that God is in control of our lives. If it were not the case that God is in control, it wouldn’t make sense to pray to Him. In this article I will give a few examples of how… Continue Reading “What Prayer Reveals About God”

Do we all Deserve Hell?

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It is a common saying among Christians that every human being is a sinner deserving of punishment in hell. The Christian worldview depicts human beings as wretched, sinful, lost, and in need of salvation. In this short article I want to examine this idea… Continue Reading “Do we all Deserve Hell?”

Sam Harris and Free Will

A portrait photo of Sam Harris wearing a suit

Over the last few years, Sam Harris has received a great deal of recognition among atheists, who see him as an important figure championing science as pitted against religion when it comes to the subject of morality. I spent many hours watching Harris speaking… Continue Reading “Sam Harris and Free Will”