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Appreciating Creation

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God has created an astonishing Universe. But it’s also true that God is unable to create free creatures, because free will is impossible with an omnipresent God.

When we say ‘thank you’ to God in prayer, this is in a sense God talking to Himself. Nevertheless, as part of the cosmic game He is playing, God wants us to thank Him. Whether we do or not is not a matter of free choice, and I wonder whether this might be frustrating for God.

In my books, I have speculated that God may get angry for two reasons: one is that free will is impossible, the other is that there will never be an ending to existence for God.

I would be the first to point out that I don’t understand everything about our Creator, but the above speculations are at least logically possible. Much more likely, however, is that God is perfect – all sufficient and lacking absolutely nothing – and in this context, suffering is a creaturely facet and God would have no reason to ever be angry or frustrated.

It would be wise to take a little time to say thank you to God. Just look around at this vast and complex creation which God holds in existence and develops in the most intricate ways each and every day.

A prayer:

Thank You, Lord God Almighty, for your immensely wonderful creation. May we never take it for granted. Amen.