Jesus the Creator? (video)

Stained glass window

Greetings and welcome to the final video in my Deep Thoughts About God series. In this video, I explore the Christian claim that Jesus played a role in the creation of the world, along with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

With reference to Scripture, and also through my own reflections, I explore whether it’s possible for a complex being to have eternal existence, and whether or not Jesus has always existed.

What are your views on the ideas discussed in this video? Comments are open over on YouTube, so feel free to share your thoughts if there’s anything you’d like to contribute.

And that’s a wrap for my Deep Thoughts About God series! Although every video in this series has been based on a chapter from my book God’s Grand Game, there are also many more chapters in the book which I have not represented in video form. Therefore, there is still every good reason to buy a copy of the book, which you can do here.

There will actually be one final video published tomorrow, just to wrap up the series and explain what I have hoped to achieve in making these videos. So keep an eye out for that 🙂

Thank you for reading / watching, and see you tomorrow!

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