Molinism Refuted (video)

A portrait painting of Luis de Molina

We’re nearing the end of my Deep Thoughts About God video series now, with only a further two videos to come after today’s instalment. I really hope you’ve found the series interesting and thought provoking!

In this week’s video, I discuss the theological perspective known as Molinism. This is a perspective which attempts to reconcile the divine sovereignty versus human free will problem, a matter central to Christian theology and theology in general.

What did you think of my explanation of Molinism and the three refutations of Molinist theology which I gave in the video? Comments are open on YouTube, so feel free to head over and share your thoughts. You can also subscribe to my channel to be notified of new videos as soon as they are released.

To check out the book that accompanies this series, click here.

Thank you for reading / watching, and I’ll see you again soon!

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