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Molinism Refuted (video)

A portrait painting of Luis de Molina

We’re nearing the end of my Deep Thoughts About God video series now, with only a further two videos to come after today’s instalment. I really hope you’ve found the series interesting and thought provoking! In this week’s video, I discuss the theological perspective… Continue Reading “Molinism Refuted (video)”

Molinism Refuted

A selection of different sized globes

A theological position that has risen to prominence in recent years is that of Molinism. Getting its name from the 16th century Jesuit theologian Luis de Molina, but brought to prominence in our time by the American debater Dr William Lane Craig, the position… Continue Reading “Molinism Refuted”

Morality and God: Do good and evil exist objectively?

A photo looking down on a man reading the Bible on a wooden table

I recently watched a debate between the Christian philosopher William Lane Craig and the atheist philosopher Sam Harris, on the subject of whether good and evil can exist without God. It was an interesting debate, and if you can spare a couple of hours… Continue Reading “Morality and God: Do good and evil exist objectively?”