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What Motivates a World Leader?

It’s interesting to consider what causes a person to wish to be a head of state and world leader. One might consider positive motivations, such as having the intention to create a more compassionate society, and then negative motivations, such as fear of confrontation… Continue Reading “What Motivates a World Leader?”

God and Judgement

A close-up of a man's handcuffed arms

Welcome to the latest post in my Praise and Prose series, which explores the way in which we use language – particularly in matters of faith and spirituality – and how our language might evolve to better reflect reality. One should never argue against… Continue Reading “God and Judgement”

Why Does God Punish Dreadfully, When Jesus Teaches Forgiveness?

A close-up of a person's hands and varnished nails as they read the Bible

I re-read the book of Revelation today. It seems to me that the teachings of Jesus — who emphasised love of neighbour, love of God, and forgiveness of our enemies — are at odds with the way God’s character is depicted in the Bible.… Continue Reading “Why Does God Punish Dreadfully, When Jesus Teaches Forgiveness?”

Compassionate Justice

A wooden gavel with a Bible in the background

An important question for philosophers in contemporary society is “How should societies respond to criminal behaviour?” I do not believe we have free will.  Instead I believe that all events, including the actions of every individual, are under the direct control of God.  So… Continue Reading “Compassionate Justice”