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What Motivates a World Leader?

It’s interesting to consider what causes a person to wish to be a head of state and world leader. One might consider positive motivations, such as having the intention to create a more compassionate society, and then negative motivations, such as fear of confrontation and physical harm.

It’s interesting when someone moves from the world of finance, which can be a very aggressive industry where people are continually fighting with one another for dominance and greater wealth, into politics, where the motivation should be to create a fairer society.

My suspicion with some world leaders is that they aspire to positions of power because they are afraid of being harmed by other people, and being in a position of leadership affords them a kind of security, because they get to command the country’s forces rather than being subject to them.

So, being a world leader can be motivated by fear – the wish to escape physical or emotional harm caused by others.

We must be compassionate about this. No single person is responsible for an entire country’s politics or political system. Cultures emerge over a period of decades, and life is multi-faceted, so there are lots of things to consider — economic, personal, political, to name a few.

But we need people who are world leaders to be compassionate. When their actions are motivated by fear, this can lead them to be very unkind, perhaps ordering for people to be tortured and starting wars and this kind of thing. It is very sad and frightening when a person’s own fear is so strong that they feel the urge to harm others in terrible ways to protect their own sense of freedom.

The comfort I personally find is in knowing that God is control. Nothing that any world leader does is outside of the will of God. This is the perspective that I elaborate upon in my book God’s Grand Game, and I hope that one day some people in positions of power will read the book, because if they come to understand that God is in control of all things, they may feel less afraid of what their fellow man can do to them, and more concerned about their relationship with God, which is ultimately the most important aspect of every human life.

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  1. Great post, and something that needs to be discussed! I believe that everyone has access to the light of God. This would lead their decisions to be more conscious and intentional rather than based on the impulsive emotion of fear. We need to look at thoughts as thoughts and realize that they instill emotions that are mostly all rooted in fear. Acting in fear is not for the benefit of the world, but for the benefit of the ego. We could use vastly more compassion in every aspect of modern society.

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    1. Some very wise words, thanks for reading and commenting, Kacy!

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