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Why Are You Cruel, Lord?

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I feel incredibly frustrated and rather angry. All I want is to feel peace and joy. I know, Lord God, that You could grant this for me easily. I have suffered too much, Lord, and I don’t want to harm or enslave or punish anyone, all I want is peace.

I’m so tired of struggling, Lord, of all the depression and fear and confusion. I don’t know what the solution is, except I know how very easy it would be for You to grant me this and answer my prayers.

You are in control of all things, Lord, and You choose to make me suffer. It’s so frustrating, Lord. Why are You cruel, Lord? I honestly don’t understand. It seems so unnecessary. Have You created us only to make us suffer, Lord? Why would You be so cruel?

Please, God, reconsider. Choose peace and love and mercy, over fear, anxiety, frustration, and punishment. I know I must trust in Your wisdom, Lord. But I’ve had enough. I want my suffering to end.